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Artist | Student | Literature
"All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry." - Edgar Allen Poe

An aspiring writer going through school and looking for experience to get myself out there.


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It is the winter, and I am 15. I say winter because the chill hasn't quite given up its grip of the earth, its sharp fingers digging deep and resting its firm palm on the surface. The house I'm in is darkened, reflecting a commonly used design probably from the 80s, and well disliked by the 2000s. Brown roofing on brown paint, the lack of acknowledgment of existence astounding to the eye.

I am fifteen and I am half naked, gazing out the window of this house, the grey gravel of the driveway staring up at me.

"Take your clothes off." He repeats, metal creating a dull thump as his pants and belt fall to the floor.

I undo my pants and tentatively pull my underwear down too, the clear white peeking out over my dark blue jeans. Turning to him slowly, I cover my chest and cross my legs slightly.

He smiles and pushes me down on my knees, and grabs my hair. I stiffen and refuse him, looking away. Eventually he encourages me and my back is against the wall as I say I'm unsure. I stiffen but can't look away. My eyes shut, the echo of my hair crunching against surface enfolding me. I rally myself.

When he's done he pushes me to the bed, spreading my legs as he falls to his knees. He is cold and I try to make sounds I think a woman would make when a man touches her this way. I am fifteen. He is fourteen.

I tell him I'm not ready to have sex, I want to wait until marriage. He claims there's another way and bends me over. I stop him and ask if he's done it before.

"Of course." Then he pushes in. I said nothing.

I scream instantly but it takes him a moment too long to let it go. My fists grip the sheets and my legs move for escape. He holds my hips a moment too long. He keeps pushing in a moment too long. When he lets go he laughs and says I'll bother his siblings. My eyes ache, I nod and apologize.

His parents pull in the driveway and he gathers up his clothes. I stare at the window lift myself off the mattress. Heavy. I am fifteen.

I clean my makeup with toilet paper and water in the main floor bathroom. He comes in and I'm staring at the running water. I feel his breath on my neck and he tells me I taste good. The drain growls as it struggles to accept the cold water.

I am fifteen. I wanted this. I must have, I got naked. He likes me now. He'll keep liking me now. He will, I'm cool. Cool girl.

"I heard his last girlfriend made him wait 6 months. All you had to do was hold out, but I guess you were too horny."

“You let him take your virginity?”

“Stop trying to twist it, it’s not his fault, you basically said yes.”

“I heard that girl fucked him.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Did you suck his dick?”

“Just own up to it.”

I am fifteen. I wanted this. I am free. I am a woman now, right?



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